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Skincandy/Bloodline Tattoo Ink, 1 Oz, All Colors

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Item #ColorWeight
in oz
INK-CNDY-1-ALL PURPOSE BLACK all purpose black1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-ALL PURPOSE WHITE all purpose white1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-ASS ass1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-ATOMIC PIG Atomic pig1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-BABY NAVY baby navy1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BELLBOTTOM BLUE bellbottom blue1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-BERRYCHERRY Berry Cherry1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT BLUE blacklight blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT GREEN blacklight green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT INVISIBLE blacklight invisible1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT MAGENTA blacklight magenta1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT ORANGE blacklight orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT PURPLE blacklight purple1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT RED blacklight red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLACKLIGHT YELLOW blacklight yellow1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLISTERINE blisterine1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-BLOOD ORANGE orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLOODLINE RED bloodline red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLUE HAWAII Blue Hawaii1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-BLUE NOTE blue note1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-BROWN BROWN brown brown1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-CANARYYELLOW yellow1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-CANDY APPLE RED candy apple1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-CANDY LIME candy lime1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-CAROLINA BLUE carolina blue1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-CHINA PINK china pink1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-CHOCOLATE MALT Chocolate Malt1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-CLOVER GREEN clover green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-CLOWNWIG Clown Wig1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-COBALT-BLUE blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-COLD BLOODED Cold Blood1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-CRIMSON BLOOD crimson blood1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-DIRTY LIME WASH Dirty Lime Wash1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-DISC13 rust1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-DISC15 green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-DOLEMITE dolemite1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-EMERALD GREEN emerald1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-FAST YELLOW flash yellow1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-FLAG BLUE flag blue1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-FLAME RED flame red1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-FLASHGRAY flash gray1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-FLESH flesh1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-GHETTO BIRD Ghetto Bird1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-GOLDEN LOTUS golden lotus1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-GOLDENYELLOW yellow1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-GRAPEVINE grape vine1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-GRASSHOLE Grasshole1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-HONEY B Honey B1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-HOTPSY hot pussy1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-ICE TEAL ice teal1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-IMPERIAL GOLD Imperial Gold1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-IMPERIAL GOLD CONCENTRATE Imperial Gold Concentrate1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-IRIS MIST iris mist1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-JUNGLIST green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-KNUCKLEHEAD RED knucklehead1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-LADYBUG LadyBug1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-LEMON GLOW yellow1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-LIGHTNING LIME lime1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-LIGHTPERIWINKLE light periwinkle1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-MAGENTA magenta1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MAHOGANY mahogany1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MANTIS mantis1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-MARZ ORANGE orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MARZ RED Marz Red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MINTDVILLE mint green 1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MORNING GLORY purple 1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MUD RED Mud red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-MUDDY WATER BLUE muddy water blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-NAVY BLUE navy blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-OKR OKR1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-ORANGE orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-PAGODA PINK pagoda pink1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-PANTHER PINK Panther Pink1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-PAYNES GRAY Paynes Gray1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-PELHAM BLUE Pelham Blue1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-PERIWINKLE periwinkle1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-PERMANENT PURPLE permanent purple1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-PURPLE RAIN purple rain1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RAINTREE Raintree1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RAZBERRY CREEM razberry cream1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RAZBERRY JAM razberry jam1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RED red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RED HOT red hot1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-REDD KROSS Redd Kross1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RIPPLE-DARKPURPLE  ripple1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-RIPTIDE purple green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-ROBYNS EGG BLUE robyns egg blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SALMON Salmon1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-SAN BROWNADINO san brownadino1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SASSYGRASS sassygrass1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SHIPYARD shipyard gray1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SHIPYARD2 grey1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SONIC BLUE sonic blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SOUR APPLE GREEN Sour Apple Green1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-SRV TEAL 2 srv teal 21 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SRVTEAL dark teal1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-STEM GREEN green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-STONEHENGE stonehenge1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SUGARPLUM Sugar Plum1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-SUNDANCE golden yellow1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-SUNSET ORANGE sunset orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SUPER BEE super bee1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-SWEET16 pink1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-TASTYWAVES medium mint green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TASTYWAVES 2 tastywaves1 ozVisit Shop
INK-CNDY-1-TOKYO ORANGE tokyo orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TOKYO PINK tokyo pink1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TOKYO RED tokyo red1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TRADITIONAL GREEN traditional green1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TRIBAL BLACK tribal black1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-TRIPLE BLUE triple blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-VIOLET violet1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-VIOLET FROST Violet Forest1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1-WHITEBOY whiteboy1 ozOut of stock
INK-CNDY-1/2-ROSE rose0.5 ozVisit Shop

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