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Cosco Tincture Tattoo Green Soap

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<ul> <li> Industry-favorite COSCO Tincture of Green Soap U.S.P.&nbsp; (Green soap is also known as &quot;Liniment of Soft Soap&quot;) <li>COSCO has been around since 1966, and is used by more tattoo artists than any other brand.&nbsp; This natural soap is made from pure vegetable oils, glycerin and lavender.&nbsp; Biodegradable, environmentally safe &amp; made in the USA.</li> <li>USE: Green soap is used for pre-tattoo skin preparation, stencil application &amp; post-tattoo cleansing.&nbsp; Also used for cleaning surgical or tattoo instruments before sterilization.&nbsp; Can even be used an excellent, lathering hand cleanser and shampoo.</li> <li> FACTORY BOTTLED, UNDILUTED SOAP: Beware other dealers with off-brands, leftover stock, or re-sellers who buy soap in bulk (drums) and re-package it themselves, as there is no way to ensure the soap is sanitary when its been re-packed in someone's warehouse. &nbsp; We turn our stock frequently, and all of our sizes (8oz, 16oz &amp; gallons) are bottled by the manufacturer for safety.</li> <li> DILUTING SUGGESTIONS:<br> For cleaning instruments before sterilization - mix 1 part soap to 16 parts distilled water<br> For use as a shampoo or hand cleanser - use full strength<br> For general use - mix 1 part soap to 8 parts distilled water </ul>
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